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Sports and Spinal Injury Clinic

After a thorough assessment of your problem, we will provide you with:

  • an explanation of your problem
  • an understanding of the underlying cause
  • a diagnosis
  • hands on treatment
  • advice on speeding up recovery
  • advice on preventative recurrence

We use a range of techniques and equipment to treat each condition, including:

Manual Therapy

Joint manipulation and mobilisation, specific soft tissue mobilisation and myofascial release.

Preventative Advice

Postural training, back and neck education, ergonomic advice and specific exercise programs tailored to the individual patients needs.


Whether you are recovering from an operation, or an injury, specific exercise programs are devised by your therapist. These are progressed as you improve and your symptoms subside.


We have ultrasound, interferential and TENS machines within the clinic.


Many of our therapists are skilled using acupuncture for musculoskeletal disorders.

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The modern development of physiotherapy as a branch of professional health care began to take shape in the last few decades of the nineteenth century. Earlier physical treatments in particular hydrotherapy, exercise, and massage in Europe have their roots in antiquity and the baths and gymnasia of ancient Greece and Rome.

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