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Sports and Spinal Injury Clinic

Since 'finding' the Riverside physio team, we would never wish to go anywhere else. The service is fantastic and it is usually possible to get an appointment at relatively short notice - the physiotherapists try very hard to fit people in. My son does a lot of swimming to a reasonably high level and has had a number of swimming related knee and back problems - the physio team have been exceptionally supportive of him and clearly appreciate how important it is for him to keep training. My family would highly recommend Riverside Physiotherapy.

Mrs S, Northwood

I have done Martial Arts and fitness training all my life so was horrified that one day after doing a run my knee swelled to the size of a grapefruit and was extremely painful. I was referred by my orthopaedic surgeon to Riverside Physiotherapy. I had a series of treatments using massage, ultrasound and for the first time I had an integrated healing programme of correct exercises and excellent hands-on treatment and I was able to return to my loved Karate and self-treat with the rehabilitation exercises I continued to do. I learnt so much about the self-management of my knee and how to prevent any further injury. Two years on, I am completely pain and swelling free and have normal flexibity. I practice acupuncture and very often recommend the Riverside Physiotherapy team to patients who I know will benefit from their expert guidance and treatment.

Mrs K-W, Northwood

I have been having physio at Riverside for many years and it has been brilliant for me. The service I have got over the years has been brilliant and greatly appreciated and has helped me do things in life that I couldn't do as well with my back problems. I recommend Riverside Physiotherapy to many people who need this service and will continue to do so.

Mr R, Ruislip

I contacted the physiotherapy at the Riverside when I was suddenly in a lot of pain with what I thought was a leg injury. They were very helpful and sympathetic and booked me almost immediately for an appointment. I was diagnosed with a prolapsed disc which was later confirmed by an MRI scan. After my second visit I had a lot of relief from pain and I have been treated since with sympathy and professionalism.

Mrs G, Harefield

I badly fractured my wrist just over a year ago and following expert surgery by Tariq Zaman at The Cromwell Hospital, I started treatment with Tracie Bolger to ensure that I had the very best chance of a full recovery. Within a month I was driving again and I am proud to say that, apart from a small scar, my wrist has fully recovered.

Mr C, Pinner

I was always very sceptical about the benefits of physiotherapy before I met Tracie Bolger. She is enormously knowledgeable and has a magic touch. She has helped me resolve various orthopaedic and muscular problems over the past few years. Thank you Tracie!

Mrs E, Moor Park

I broke my shoulder last August and was referred by a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon to a physiotherapist at a private hospital. I was not satisfied with the treatment I received and decided to change to Riverside physio. My physio’s knowledge and expertise have helped me to regain full strength, movement and flexibility of my shoulder.

Mrs S, Hatch End

"I have been referring my patients to Tracie Bolger and her team at Riverside Physiotherapy for several years now. I have absolute faith in the abilities of the Riverside Physiotherapy team and have received nothing but positive feedback from my patients.

In Orthopaedics, the rehabilitation is often as important, if not more important, than the surgery - and I can think of no better team of physiotherapists to assess and treat orthopaedic and sports injury patients in our area."

Mr Ian McDermott
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
Northwood Sports Orthopaedics & London Sports Orthopaedics
Honorary Professor Associate, Brunel University School of Sport & Education.

"I have been referred by my GP to Riverside Physiotherapy several times in the last three years for the treatment of a number of injuries including supraspinatus tendonitis, rotator cuff injury, and a strained hamstring. They have been successful in treating my injuries every time, although I am in my mid-eighties!

I have always been impressed by their ability to explain and re-assure me about their proposed treatments. Their skilled approach and specialist knowledge inspire confidence and have encouraged me to persist in following the exercises given to me."

Mr P, Northwood

"I have been a regular patient of Riverside Physiotherapy for some years, and they have helped me through various injuries.

I cannot speak highly enough of the care and help given to me.

It started with a knee injury, requiring surgery and rehabilitation. They got me through that, also various leg injuries and a neck problem.

I have great confidence in their knowledge and treatment methods of physiological problems, both of a general and sporting nature, and I highly recommend them."

Mrs G, Northwood

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Physiotherapists can:

- work with people of all ages to increase activity levels, improving general health and addressing related conditions such as obesity.

- provide rehabilitation to help people recover from a joint replacement or orthopaedic surgery.

- treat elderly patients with arthritis, help them to recover from a fall and to help to prevent it happening again.

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