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Sports and Spinal Injury Clinic

Sports physiotherapy is concerned with the early and accurate diagnosis and treatment of injuries, or the prevention of injuries. Our therapists aim to rehabilitate your injury as quickly and effectively as possible to ensure your early return to exercise and sport. We will identify your specific sporting needs and prescribe tailored treatment and exercise programs to guide you back to your pre-injury level.

First aid for muscle strains and sprains

Protect – stop activity
Rest – avoid stressing injury
Ice – As soon as possible until swelling subsides (up to 20 mins)
Compression – with bandage or tubigrip
Elevate – injury above level of heart

Physiotherapy can help to promote effective healing. Seek medical advice if the condition is serious, or the pain is severe.

Conditions We Treat / Sports and Overuse Injuries
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Relative to adults, kids are often at greater risk of becoming dehydrated, in part because they’re less effective at perspiring and also because their bodies can produce more heat during exercise. That’s just one of the reasons why kids need parents, or other adult carers to help them stay hydrated.

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